We unite digital with physical and the future with traditional.

Our mission is to exceed previous achievements by offering new thinking and unlimited possibilities in branding, packaging and intelligent technologies. Linkit Concept's uniqueness lies in uniting the right solutions and talents so that you do not need to compromise. Our smart approach allows you to achieve high brand value, sales and cost efficiency – all at the same time.



Why these triangles?

Because a valued brand equals consumer engagement.  Engagement leads to loyalty, and loyal consumers keep coming back to the brand that offers them value.

Because a valued brand equals consumer loyalty. 

Loyal consumers keep coming back to the brand that offers them value.


Because sales pay the bills and make your business thrive. 

A valued brand earns higher pricing and better profitability.


Because resources should be in the right place at the right time. 

Get the most of your resources with optimised costs.


Because time is money.

Use it smartly.


What makes us so smart is the fact that we take into account all your major business targets at once.

We think that the objectives of marketing, sales and production need to be united in order to achieve great results. We know that the best results come when you do not need to compromise.

How do we know this? Our team of professionals has vast experience in working with big brands and brand building in different categories, from FMCG to luxury products. Material and manufacturing expertise, experience in the world of consumer insights, design thinking and intelligent technologies unite into one unique philosophy we call SMART.

Backing up our expertise is a global network of hand-picked and trusted innovators, manufacturers, converters, designers and niche experts to complete your dream team. What you get from all this is a holistic approach that unites the best solutions and doers for your needs. Most importantly, you are left with more time to concentrate on your essentials.